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About Jewelry Designer Stephen Kris


Stephen Kris is an internationally recognized jewelry designer + master goldsmith based in New York City. As a second generation metalsmith, I was fortunate to be trained in the classical Swiss and Danish traditions. On this journey I was taught the importance of being able to make every component by hand and employ the art of hand forging precious metal to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship available today. Perfecting my craft is an evolution that continues to this day. As I found my own voice as a custom jewelry designer + goldsmith, my design aesthetic took on a luxurious architectural quality – one of contemporary elegance married with uncompromising quality – two ideals that define my customer.

I believe there is a greater value in owning a unique, custom designed, hand-built work of art that embodies quality and integrity rather than paying a lot for something that is generic, mass produced, and not original.

My philosophy is that owning one of my unique, handcrafted, custom jewelry designs is always a good investment regardless of the precious metal used or the value of a gemstone because good design never goes out of style.

Every one of my customers receives the personal individual attention they deserve. I found understanding what the customer truly wants and listening to their desires are key elements when designing something very personal. After all, someday your loved ones may pick up one of your pieces and remember you with a smile. For this reason I build all of my jewelry to an heirloom standard with the intention that it will be passed on to those next generations.

Stephen Kris Designs are entirely Made In America and I take great pride in supporting the brave men and women of the FDNY and the Navy SEAL Foundation and their families.