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Cricket Rings

 The concept of the Cricket Ring began shortly after Julie and I were married.   On our honeymoon we went to India for a month traveling to various locations in the South. Neither of us wanted to wear our platinum wedding rings so I created a travel set of wedding rings in silver that neither of us would be sad if they were lost or stolen in our travels. This is how the Cricket Ring came into being.

Why is it called the Cricket Ring? Well, let’s go back to beginning. When I first met my future wife Julie in NYC she had just returned from living on Maui for eight years. She was at home with being a naturalist and living as a minimalist, rolling in the grass, dancing down the street, at one with the beach and the ocean, sleeping in a jungle lean-to during a rainstorm while being surrounded by lots of bugs clinging to a mosquito net. I know because I was there and not exactly comfortable.

As a result of all this I gave her the nickname ‘Cricket’. As time went on we began to refer to many things we encountered as ‘cricket’  Even on our wedding invitations we listed the dress code as ‘Cricket Chic’ which encouraged our guests to arrive luxuriously casual.

Recently, Jason came to me and asked me to design Rosanna’s wedding ring. He said he saw my Spirit Ring design on my website and knew it was the ring for her because she has an affinity for all things architectural and is a long time fan of Josef Albers. Jason chose a beautiful one carat emerald cut diamond because the cut emphasizes the lines. In addition, he asked if it would be possible to create a duplicate ring because Rosanna is a free spirit and they had an upcoming trip to Italy with family and she was afraid of losing her beautiful diamond engagement ring. I said ‘Oh, you want a cricket ring!’ I relayed the Cliff Notes version of the story and we both had a good laugh. From then on we referred to it as Rosanna’s cricket ring. I designed her an exact copy of her engagement ring in 10K white gold for durability and set a quality cubic zirconia in place of a diamond. Jason and Rosanna were thrilled with both rings and said it was very difficult to tell them apart. I knew I had reached my goal. Can you tell which one is the Cricket Ring in the photo above?

The ‘Cricket Ring’ provides the peace of mind that many of my customers enjoy and is perfect for those who are avid travelers, have active life styles, or are just plain free spirits.


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