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Customer Testimonials

“I am so glad I got to work with Stephen to create one of the most beautiful engagement rings. Stephen was able to take some of my ideas and create a stunning red gold / and natural sage sapphire ring. My fiance is in love with her ring and she gets complimented on it all the time. The ring is so perfect and it is made with such quality, it looks as if it will last forever. Stephen is not only very skilled, he is also extremely knowledgeable about metals and stones and while working with him, he provided insightful advice.  He really goes the extra mile and provides top notch customer service. I will recommend him to anyone who is looking for an engagement ring, wedding rings, or custom jewelry”.
Derek C. / New York City

“Stephen was amazing to work with. I got the exact ring design I wanted for my fiance, but the quality was much more than I expected. He guided me to pick the right metal and diamond color, and was very helpful explaining things to me, visually and verbally. Prices were very good, much more reasonable than other artists or even jewelry brands. Once I received the ring, I was heartbroken that my fiance’s ring size has increased due to the summer weather, and did not fit very comfortably! Finding out ring sizes at Jared was a big mistake. Once I informed this to Stephen, he mailed me his OWN set of ring sizer, made sure my fiance had the right fit this time, and had me mail back his ring sizer and the ring back to him. He re-sized it within days of receiving it and it was still very perfect. Talk about awesome customer service even though it was our fault for not getting the correct size!

The thing my fiance and I liked the most is the thickness of the ring. I wouldn’t be able to find such thick ring anywhere else!! I love the heaviness and sturdiness to the ring. I believe I got white gold for him, and i love the color. It was pure white gold but with a special Stephen Kris alloy with a champagne gold sheen to it. It was perfect!”
– Chloe Y.  /  Atlanta, Ga.

“I lost my wedding ring after 31 years and was looking for a replacement.
Stephen was wonderful to work with. He created a replacement that exactly suites me and my taste while also being subtly & unique. I’m very pleased and receive compliments on it on a regular basis.”
– Peter R.  /  Fall City, WA.

“Stephen Kris not only has the rare type of character that only true gentlemen possess he is as skillful as he is classy. Stephen’s work speaks for itself , truly customized pieces that reflects the depth of the top notch craftsman, detailed, one of a kind pieces that you will never find just anywhere. Stephen is not only a joy to work with he is the real deal when it comes to unforgettable timeless jewelry, hands down.”
– Liz G.  /  Daly City, Calif.

“Stephen came highly recommended and hand-crafted an incredible wedding ring for me. He is a true artisan and craftsman and it was a pleasure working with him. Very professional and gracious and takes extra special care to make sure the selection is the “right one” top to bottom. I frequently receive complements on the ring (known as Ironman) and find myself pointing many in the direction of http://StephenKris.com. Thank you for your devotion to the trade.”
– Nathan N.   /  Encinitas, California

“Stephen is a wonderful designer and artist, and a true gentleman to work with. I originally went to him for a simple repair of my wife’s necklace which was originally bought from a run-of-the-mill jewelry shop in midtown. He impressed me by treating me like a million-dollar customer despite the small (and unexciting!) job. Since then, I have gone back to Stephen again and again for new pieces — unique, beautiful jewelry for myself and my wife. 
He has created new wedding bands for both of us for our tenth anniversary, two different pairs of earrings for my wife, and we are currently talking about a pearl necklace design.
Distinctive and beautiful work, outstanding customer service, prices that can work for anyone . . . Contact him! You’ll be so glad that you did.”
– Justin S.  /  Manhattan, NYC

“The absolutely best guy to go to for architectural and creative designs. He has unique pieces and works with the client to get them what they want. I went back for 4-5 more items since my original purchase.”
– Harvey G.   /   Athens, Ga.

“Wow I’m totally overwhelmed by the beauty of this ring I cannot believe I get to wear this ring for the rest of life. I am one lucky woman. You are an amazing, incredible and true goldsmith. This ring is phenomenal, absolutely gorgeous and so dearly precious to my heart. I couldn’t have asked for better, it’s perfect, in fact this is more than I had ever expected for myself.”
– Ryanne

“From start to finish, working with Stephen was wonderful. I wanted him to make earrings for my wife as a surprise gift. We began by talking about my ideas, looking at photos of her face, and figuring out what would work for her taste and style. Stephen then took my basic ideas and created earrings that are far beyond anything I had imagined or thought possible. Truly magical and beautiful work! He is an artist, with a gift for creating jewelry that fits the whole person – not just their fingers or ears. I can’t wait to commission more work from him for my daughters.”
– Justin Samaha

“Our wedding rings are gorgeous! What an amazing job you’ve done. Bobby and I were so excited that we wore them out to dinner last night. His looks great and compliments his style. I love the scratch finish on the sides of mine and how it looks with my diamond. But I have to say it stands alone too, just what I wanted. Beautiful work! Thanks a million!”
– Meredith

“Thank you Stephen for the beautiful necklace and ring. You gave a new life to my hidden jewelry.”
– Y.L.

“I am not real creative so I depend on others to help me in that regard. My experience working with Stephen was magical. I like the rings he created for my wife so much I had him make two rings for me. He interpreted what I said I liked and somehow made it into jewelry. I was extremely satisfied, not only with his work but with how he listened to me and made it happen promptly. The one of a kind designs are strong and proud. They work for me perfectly. I recommend him without hesitation to my close friends.”
– Dr. Harvey Gayer

“I have gold wedge hoop earrings made by Stephen Kris. Every time I wear them I get compliments and they make me feel like a queen. His work is excellent and he really cares about every piece he makes.”
– Paula Ninerell

“We just got back from the Philippines. She loves her engagement ring!”
– Flavio Leonin

“Your work rocks!”
– Marcus Wolf

“We received the [mink] earrings today. They are spectacular!
My husband and I were very pleased. Thanks again!”
– Claudine W.

“I consider Stephen to be the most innovative designer of fine jewelry in today’s marketplace. His work is exceptional and timeless.”
– Cynthia C.

“She absolutely LOVES THEM! (Matter of fact she hasn’t stopped crying she loves them so much.) I am so happy to have met you. She would like a ring to match the earrings. I’m going to be your biggest fan. I want you to design jewelry for all of my friends.”
– Keith K.