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Honor your love with the metal that’s meant marriage since marriage began


Your wedding ring is the symbol of love you show to each other and to the world every day and something you will wear for the rest of your life. Gold has many qualities that have made it the ultimate symbol of love and commitment for thousands of years. Now and always, a gold wedding ring will truly be the most important piece of jewelry you own.


Individual – Gold is extremely workable, malleable, yet strong, allowing for a wide range of intricate and custom-made designs created by Stephen Kris DesignsResizable – A gold band can be resized to change with you, making it the ideal metal for rings you’ll wear for a lifetime. Make your ring distinctly your own by choosing alloys of  yellow, red, gray, or white colors of gold. Comfortable – Gold warms up to your body temperature, making it pleasant to wear. Like the most important person in your life, gold feels as if it’s a part of you from the moment you slip it on.


An Investment - Not only will your gold wedding rings be priceless to you, a handmade custom ring made by Stephen Kris will also be priceless heirloom to your children and your children’s children. Gold is a precious metal with an intrinsic value proven over centuries. A gold ring purchased 25 years ago is worth at least 10x as much today. That’s a pretty good investment and one that you also enjoy every day for a lifetime.

Rare - Gold is a pure, rare, naturally occurring element. From the Aztecs to the Gold Rush pioneers, no precious metal has been as sought after or captured mankind’s fascination more. In fact it is so scarce that all the gold ever mined worldwide could fit into two Olympic-size swimming pools.


INDESTRUCTIBLE - All the gold that has ever been mined still exists. Gold does not corrode or tarnish and can be subjected tot he elements and intense pressure without being destroyed. The oldest gold jewelry dates from 6,000 years ago and looks the same today as when it was first given.

EVERLASTING - If you damage a gold ring, it can always be repaired or polished to look like new. Future generations can enjoy the beauty of your wedding rings just as you will, making it truly enduring.


TAKE YOUR TIME - Because of the wide variety of styles that gold offers, both in design and color, I recommend that you plan to shop for your rings well before your wedding. This gives you enough time to explore your options to find the ideal wedding ring for you and your partner to wear forever. At Stephen Kris Designs I recommend that you allow at least 6 weeks before your wedding date when ordering your custom made rings.

MAKE AN INVESTMENT - A ring that will become the most important piece of jewelry you own is not something to compromise on. While most purchases for your wedding (venue, food, flowers, etc.) only last a day, your rings will be worn for the rest of your lives. Although your wedding rings tend to be the last purchase before the big day, I encourage customers to Make your wedding rings a priority in your budget right from the beginning. A custom handmade ring from Stephen Kris Designs is the highest quality available today yet affordable when compared to generic commercially produced cast rings that are produced by the thousands. Your handmade rings will be as individual as you are!

KNOW YOUR KARATs - Karat gold refers to the amount of pure gold in a piece of jewelry. Gold is normally combined with a percentage of other non-precious metals to make it durable and wearable. The higher the karat, the greater the proportion of gold an item contains. For example, 24K contains 100% gold and is absolutely pure. 22k gold contains 91.6% gold. 18k contains 75% gold and is recognized as the ultimate performance metal and generally considered to be the standard in fine jewelry both domestically and abroad. 14K contains 58.3% gold and is the most popular choice for U.S. production jewelry found in generic retail environments. Anything below 10K cannot legally be called gold jewelry in the U.S.

CONSIDER ENGRAVING - Gold is a malleable metal which makes it ideal for highly personalized details including engraving. The inside of your ring is the perfect place to engrave a secret message or simply the date of your wedding.

Stephen Kris is a designer + goldsmith based in Greenwich Village, NYC who creates custom handmade designs that are individual as you are. Come my studio and talk to me about designing and creating your custom engagement ring and wedding rings.

Jewelry the way it was meant to be made

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—Factual gold information is provided courtesy of the World Gold Council.

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