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Is your ring hand forged or cast from wax?

How do you know the difference? Let me explain. I think of hand forged rings as the yummy mud pie….dense and sinfully luscious. On the other end of the spectrum are rings cast from wax.  This is what is available from most generic jewelry shops from Zales to Tiffany. Yes my friends, even Tiffany. These rings are the chocolate mousse in the jewelry world….soft, thin, light, and porous.

At  S T E P H E N  KRIS  all of our rings are hand forged which means the gold or platinum is hammered by hand to compress the molecules much the same way that a blacksmith hammers iron or steel to achieve a desired shape. The difference in quality between forged and wax is obvious in terms of the beauty, hand feel, luxury, and longevity. This process allows my ring designs to take on an heirloom quality that will easily last for generations. Time after time when my customers come to pick up their rings the comment I hear most is “I had no idea they would be this beautiful.”  The difference in the quality is that obvious.

So when you are considering the purchase of your engagement ring or wedding bands, I encourage you to visit as many generic jewelry shops as you can to see what’s available and then visit  S T E P H E N  KRIS  to see and feel the real difference.

Jewelry the way it was meant to be made.

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