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Sizing Your Custom Jewelry

Stephen Kris Designs is a full service custom jewelry design studio in New York City. I am classically trained and provide the utmost attention to detail when hand forging your piece of art. My entire process is personalized to the individual – from the fit to the finished product I want your experience to be memorable and your wedding or engagement ring, bracelet, necklace, pendant, earrings, or custom piece to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Finding the Perfect Fit

It is extremely important that your engagement ring and wedding ring fit perfectly and is comfortable for everyday wear.  Your fit is as important as your design so you want it to be right. I provide a ring sizing kit that is available for $10 the cost of which is applied to any future order. Most ring sizing kits come in whole and half sizes; however, I can also accommodate quarter sizes. ***Please do not use a string or paper rulers downloaded from the internet; it is NOT accurate.***

Case Study

I recently had a gentleman bring me one of his fiance’s rings that fit her well. Using her current ring size I forged and hand paved the stunning platinum and diamond eternity band he ordered. Two weeks later I got a phone call from him saying ‘her ring is huge’. Unfortunately the ring he provided was worn on her MIDDLE finger! We then made the ring again in the correct size at additional cost to the customer.

In order to avoid this type of unfortunate scenario, the ideal way is for  you to come to my studio, if possible, or I can send you my own ring sizing kit for $10 so you will be assured of a perfect fit. Your satisfaction is important to me and I want the entire experience to be as pleasant as possible.