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The Mystery of Tanzanite




Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 by Masai tribesmen and has since been celebrated worldwide for its beautiful blue-purple hues and since is dubbed the perfect gemstone for the mother of a newborn child, Mother’s Day gift, or more recently a Push Present.

Fine tanzanite is very rare and so far only mined in one specific place – at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro – in very limited supply. Fine Tanzanite commands a high gemstone price that can rival or approach that of the diamond.

It is believed that tanzanite is the gemstone that brings visions. It has a special ability to connect one with the spiritual world and bring that connection into one’s life in the form of knowledge. This stone activates several chakras from the heart to the crown and is used to link the mind with the heart. Tanzanite is an important communication stone, giving one the ability to speak the truth. Tanzanite also promotes compassion, raises consciousness in meditation, calms an overactive mind, and brings on a peaceful understanding of one’s own heart. It has been said that Ancient Celtic chiefs would use tanzanite gemstones in the process of defining the next tribal leaders. It was thought to bring the revelations of the gods.

Tanzanite can be used to treat and heal the skin. It also has been helpful for re-aligning the spinal column and in awakening people from comas. The most important factor in the value of a tanzanite is its ideal color….a rich purple-blue.

(Pictured Above: A classic 2-carat tanzanite set in red gold and suspended on a matching red gold rope chain from Stephen Kris Designs) www.stephenkris.com

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